Marine Capabilities MARCAP L.L.C. has announced plans to develop the capabilities of its diversified fleet, according to President and CEO Samer Qiblawi. This comes in line with investing in the skills of what he referred to as “MARCAP’s Family” in terms improving the team’s proficiencies. Robban Assafina met Qiblawi during Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference ADIPEC 2022, and this is what the he had to tell us about the upcoming plans.

How do you see this year’s ADIPEC 2022?
Certainly ADIPEC has become a global event that the maritime industry as well as the oil and gas industry awaits annually, and we at MARCAP have been participating in this event for years, believing it to be an appropriate opportunity to meet the company’s current clients as well as new ones, in addition to exploring new opportunities and new markets. I think that this year’s edition saw a huge number of visitors, especially after the pandemic, where the industry is eager to participate in such events, which are absolutely an opportunity to set out towards new businesses.

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Speaking of the pandemic, what distinguishes MARCAP, being keen to maintain a great pace of business with a skilful team, despite the challenges that hit the global economy during the pandemic?
It was certainly a strong impact that the pandemic had on the global economy and the maritime industry; Nevertheless, we, at MARCAP, consider that all our employees and crews working on our ships are under the “MARCAP Family” and that is why we were keen to protect our family members during the pandemic, preventing the crisis from laying its effects on them, and we have worked hard to maintain the steadiness of work and provide jobs for all individuals and crews. 

This has been clearly demonstrated having the least number of COVID infections, whether in offices or on board. We have also implemented the Employee Happiness Program, designed to address these specific factors and give extra attention to the wellbeing of our crew and employees.

A state of recovery is prevailing in the maritime market with the rise in oil prices. How is MARCAP preparing for this?
MARCAP saw this coming, we were certain that the recovery is expected and the oil prices would rise again. That is why we made early plans to prepare for this period, and I think that early preparations allowed us to be ready today to seize opportunities and win new bids regarding fleet operation. We are also getting ready to further develop the fleet in terms of technology and size, to meet the needs of the local and regional markets, taking into consideration MARCAP’s strong presence in the Saudi market.

Marcap is currently working on developing the skills and know-how of the crews. A qualified crew is the foundation of a well-developed and steady business. Seeking this, we have signed an agreement with Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy During ADIPEC. This step is considered ideal at a time when the industry is witnessing, as a result of the pandemic, a skilled workforce turning towards other more stable careers.

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MARCAP is planning for a collaboration with Columbia Shipmanagement. What details can you provide us with regarding this step?
We are keen to go into partnerships with the industry’s key players, and we believe that the cooperation is mutual between the two companies, in terms of capabilities and skills, as well as the markets in which we operate in. It is a cooperation that we are proud of, of course, and we will share the details very soon.

With the latest maritime demarcation deal in Lebanon, is Lebanon on the verge of a bright oil and gas future? And how is Marcap preparing for that?
Expansion plans in the Lebanese maritime and offshore market were on top of MARCAP’s list as of 2018, but that was paused due to the political situation in Lebanon, along with the pandemic. However, things are getting back on their feet, and we had fruitful discussions with other companies during ADIPEC, all of which are good deals for the country. Personally, as a Lebanese, I am looking forward along with MARCAP, to prepare and expand in the Lebanese market, with our know-how and skills that go in line with the oil future that we aspire.

Robban Assafina Magazine, Issue 82, Nov./ DEc. 2022, Maritime Host, p.89


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Issue 82 of Robban Assafina

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