Samer Qiblawi, President & CEO of MARCAP

Marine Capabilities (Marcap) is a ship owner and operator headquartered in Abu Dhabi with 35+ years of experience in the marine industry. Saudi Marcap was established as an affiliated company in 2010 in Dammam and now has 3 representative offices in KSA. 

Marcap milestones in KSA
Always being brave and confident in its undertakings, Marcap entered the Saudi Market more than 12 years ago and was qualified by the respectful client, Saudi Aramco in 2010. Marcap’s first job was the execution of a turnkey project for the stabilization of pipelines in shallow waters. Trust development turned into several long-term charters for DP, AHTSs for rig support. Successful completion led to an extension of the contracts.
In 2016 along with Tor Marine in Turkey, two pilot boats were specifically designed and custom built for the long-term Saudi Aramco project. Boats named after the beloved daughter of the President, Marcap TAM1 and Marcap TAM2, raised the bar in the area, growing the reputation of an established contractor.

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With persistent interest and bidding, Saudi Marcap re-started relationships with a significant client – KJO. Accidentally, the reunion coincided with the emergence of Covid-19. Marcap had to face new challenges resulting from the Pandemic – sea borders closure, travel restrictions and crew quarantine. Sister boats Marcap Nisreen and Marcap Aida were travelling a long way from Malaysia & Singapore, taking a stop in UAE, to be finally mobilized in Saudi. This journey throughout February 2020 stands as a reminder of exemplary resolve to overcome challenges and display great team spirit.

 Agenda and far-reaching plans
Recently, the Saudi market has been very active, and Marcap with its outstanding reputation of performance has increased its market share. It has been awarded several charters for DP2 AHTSs and PSVs as well as crew boats. Most of the vessels passed the mobilization stage and are successfully carrying out their missions. Marcap ships are involved in various types of operations from transporting passengers to rig support in Khafji.
To be able to act quickly, fulfil all client requirements and ensure smooth and safe operations, Marcap established an office in Khafji, provided additional manpower & equipment, and arranged more support from Abu Dhabi headquarters. Top management increased the number of Saudi visits to keep direct communication with its employees and clients.


What started long ago as a small affiliate continues to grow bigger and stronger. The reputation the company has gained over 35+ Years in UAE is that of resilience and professionalism. Serving the Oil & Gas giants in KSA, UAE and the Middle East Region, makes Marcap a highly sought-after and reliable marine contractor.
The secret of Marcap's success is a tailored approach to every client and project, its flexibility and reaction to market changes, extensive experience in the field and a strong bond between personnel. The company has far-reaching and ambitious plans, but never takes any unjustified risk. Marcap sails at its own tempo, wisely expanding the brand, keeping its employees happy and satisfying clients’ needs.

Robban Assafina Magazine, Issue 81, Sept./ Oct. 2021, Maritime News - Offshore, p.59


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Issue 81 of Robban Assafina

(Sept./ Oct. 2022)


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