The Saudi Ports Authority 'Mawani' and 'Marasi' Marine Services Company announced today the groundbreaking for the 'Seamen’s Club' at Jeddah Islamic Port. This initiative aims to add value to the services provided to the crew of local and international ships and global shipping lines through accommodation and entertainment services, contributing to creating a suitable and integrated social environment.
The president of the Saudi Ports Authority 'Mawani', Mr. Omar Talal Hariri, stated that the joint collaboration between 'Mawani' and 'Marasi' in establishing the 'Seamen’s Club' enhances the regional and international status of Saudi ports. It initiates extensive activities in the field of sustainability, aligning with the targets of the National Transport and Logistics Services Strategy to establish the Kingdom as a global logistics center and a connecting hub for three continents. It is also in line with the objectives of the 'Quality of Life' program, one of the main pillars of the ambitious Vision 2030 that 'Mawani' seeks to achieve.
He further clarified that the groundbreaking for the Seamen’s Club at Jeddah Islamic Port represents a significant step towards enhancing the social environment within the Kingdom's ports. It contributes to building a vibrant community and a thriving economy, in implementation of the agreement concluded between 'Mawani' and 'Marasi' regarding the establishment of Seamen’s clubs at Jeddah Islamic Port, King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam, and Ras Tanura Port. This serves the maritime sector and creates growing job opportunities.


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The 'Seamen’s Club' project includes providing a number of services for seafarers and ship crews, including a hotel that meets all needs, communication centers, cafes, various restaurants, and a grocery store. It also includes a health club, banking and exchange services, entertainment halls, places to provide integrated pharmaceutical and medical services, and a service center.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Marasi Marine Services Company, Mr. Talal Othman Al Hamdan, stated that the 'Seamen’s Club' is one of the strategic projects that provide integrated services for local ships and international shipping lines. It works to improve the cost of logistics services and is considered a driving force for contemporary economic growth and sustainable development assets, in line with the Kingdom's directions to activate updated transport policies to enhance regional development.
It is worth noting that 'Mawani' is working to enhance the position of Saudi ports as a link and connection with regional and international ports, and is moving according to a vision that understands the importance of creating a suitable social environment that allows for developing its employment opportunities, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and improving the quality of life within a vibrant port community that enhances the opportunities to attract regional and international companies for local investment.

Source: Saudi Ports Authority


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(Sept./ Oct. 2023)


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