Driven by its goal to be among the leading companies in the global #GreenHydrogen Value Chain, Asyad signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oman Hydrogen Centre at the German University of Technology in Oman (#GUtech) to study the potential of Oman’s ports and logistics services in shaping the nation’s green hydrogen economy. 

According to international consultancy McKinsey’s Global Energy Perspective, green hydrogen demand is anticipated to grow sixfold by 2050 driven by the road transport, maritime and aviation sectors. Against this backdrop, Asyad’s agreement with GUtech includes conducting in-depth research and analysis against global best practices to enhance the efficiency of #Asyad’s ports and logistics operations as well the competencies and human resources required to cater for this clean energy sector. 

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Essam bin Nasser Al Shaibani, Vice President of the Sustainability at Asyad Group said, “Asyad’s holistic approach revolves around achieving sustainability at various levels including economic, environmental and society particularly in its operations and development plans. Partnering with Oman Hydrogen Centre will help us identify, capture, and assess our strengths and areas of improvement. It will also allow us to gather the necessary data we need to set the competitive standards for our logistics services to contribute to the Sultanate’s efforts in building a green hydrogen economy and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Al Shaibani emphasized that Asyad is working to position Oman as a global hub for the clean energy sector, adopting the latest logistics technologies to handle and export green hydrogen and its derivatives to markets all around the world. Furthermore, it is working closely with the private and public sectors to contribute in achieving Net-Zero by 2050.  

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Dr. Sausan Said Al Riyami, Director of Oman Hydrogen Centre at GUTech explained that the partnership with Asyad is multi-faceted and includes energy efficiency, renewable energy, green hydrogen, and capacity building. She added that Asyad’s ports and logistic services can be leading the supply chain through research and development, the implementation of innovative processes, building local talent and attracting regional and international expertise, transferring and localizing technology. 

To date, the Group’s efforts in #decarbonization and the development of the #hydrogen sector have been regionally lauded, setting a benchmark for others to follow. These include promoting green shipping, energy conservation and optimization as well as producing, handling and exporting green hydrogen through Duqm, all of which showcase the rapid progress of Oman’s the logistics sector and the Group’s crucial role in promoting connectivity, trade and economic growth.

Source: ASYAD


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(July/ Aug. 2022)


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