Guyana’s president Dr Irfaan Ali announced this week a plan to develop a new deepwater port in the East Berbice-Corentyne Region (also known as Region 6) on the country’s east side. The port is expected to be able to accommodate large cargo vessels, provide oil and gas support services, and handle agricultural exports. According to Guyana’s Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, the region is an important source for rice, cattle and sugarcane.

Ali said that he has been to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) twice in the past year and has been exploring UAE investment to build a new port. During his most recent visit, he said, significant interest was expressed in investing in Guyana.

We now have solid proposals and interest for the construction of a deepwater port here in Region Six,” he said. “The foundation is being prepared for an enormous transformation in this region.”

Ali also said a national training centre will be established in the region, at Port Mourant, to help locals develop the skills they’ll need to work at the new port and in the country’s growing offshore oil and gas industry.

Source: Splash 247


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