With Nor-Shipping 2022 on the horizon, Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME) is looking forward to a return to full-scale exhibitions, face-to-face meetings and a unique “Winter Wonderland” for international visitors.

Erlend Prytz is a man who likes to smile.
And, he says, mouth edging upwards, he has every reason to with Nor-Shipping 2022 looming large.

After more than 18 months of wrecking the maritime industry’s exhibitions, parties and plans, the pandemic gate-crasher is finally on its way out the door and, Prytz declares, it’s time to get “back to business and show it hasn’t beaten us!”

The energetic Prytz is CEO at NME, a trade body promoting leading Norwegian maritime companies worldwide. With around 100 members, the organisation provides the vital link between quality domestic products and services and international markets.

As such, large-scale exhibitions like Nor-Shipping are vital arenas.

“And because this one is our ‘home turf’ it’s extra special,” he notes, “which is why I’m so delighted to see how promising it’s looking.”

Expert insight
Prytz is positive, but realistic, about the 10-13 January event – and about the future of exhibitions in general – opening up to reveal increased interest from his members, an eagerness to rebuild the industry “community”, and a hope that international visitors will feel the same.

He spoke freely over a coffee at his Oslo-based HQ.

How many companies are exhibiting within NME’s Team Norway pavilion at Nor-Shipping 2022, and how does this compare to previous years?
In 2019, we had 63 exhibitors, plus 14 sub-exhibitors, across an exhibiting area of 1761 m2. In January 2022, we have bookings from 68 exhibitors, with 24 sub-exhibitors, spanning a total area of 1925m2. In other words, a very nice increase in demand. We believe this reflects the customers’ appreciation of the excellent value we offer in our Team Norway pavilion, as well as, of course, the growing industry standing of Nor-Shipping itself.

Why should visitors head to the pavilion?
First and foremost, because of our exhibitors!
You’ll discover a large number of excellent Norwegian companies offering a vast array of innovative, high quality products and services, with outstanding after sales support. You’re in good hands with Norwegians! Also, with the environment so high on the agenda, you’ll find our members have the expertise and solutions that can help you transition to a more sustainable future.

Finally, the atmosphere, facilities and networking opportunities that are synonymous with NME at Nor-Shipping. So, you have our fantastic Explorers’ Lounge, which our exhibitors can invite you to, a great café, contemporary furniture from Ekornes (and light fixtures from Glamox) to help you relax and talk business, and our networking event on Wednesday January 12, from 15:30 to 17.00 – an absolute must for informal mixing and relationship building with the cream of Norwegian industry.

What are the expectations of your exhibitors, and why is Nor-Shipping so important to them?
Nor-Shipping is the biggest shipping trade show in the Nordics. After the postponement in 2021, I believe we’re all eager to get going and get back to normal, even if it might be a ‘new normal’. Our clients are aware that travel restrictions may still be in effect for some parts of the world, but a lot of people will come from Norway and the rest of Europe, and we believe there’ll also be visitors from key markets in North America and Asia.

Most importantly, whatever the numbers, the quality will be there. Nor-Shipping is always brimming with industry decisionmakers, and that is definitely one of its core strengths.

What are you most looking forward to?
The people. NME has participated in some trade shows since society has reopened, but there’s only one Nor-Shipping. It’s a chance to meet colleagues, get together with old friends, and make new ones.
We are also excited about Nor-Shipping in January. It’s going to be a very different experience, and we’re hoping we can show what a unique Winter Wonderland we can offer visitors here. We already know of members that have booked sleigh rides, forest restaurants (Oslo is surrounded by trees and fjords – it really is beautiful), skating and more. Who knows, visitors might even get a glimpse of the Northern lights!
Now, that would be something to smile about…

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Nor-Shipping 2022 will feature six themed exhibition halls, across a total of 22,500 sq m of space, at the Norges Varemesse facility in Lillestrøm, Norway. Almost 900 exhibiting companies are expected, from around 50 countries. A unique range of knowledge sharing and networking activities take place across the week in both Oslo and Lillestrøm.

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Source: Nor Shipping

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