The first ferry, carrying approximately 220 Moroccans living abroad and 64 vehicles, arrived at the port of Al Hoceima on Saturday as part of the "Marhaba 2024" operation.

This ferry, capable of transporting 1,500 passengers and 300 vehicles, made the crossing from the port of Motril, Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The timing of the arrival is significant as it comes just before Eid Al-Adha, a major religious celebration that many Moroccans residing abroad (MREs) choose to celebrate with their families in Morocco.

Adil El Bardi, the director of the port of Al Hoceima, spoke to MAP, highlighting the positive atmosphere surrounding the ferry's arrival.

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He credited this to the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, the Royal Gendarmerie, National Security, Customs, and port and local authorities, who worked in unison to ensure a smooth crossing.

El Bardi emphasized the extensive preparations undertaken at the port of Al Hoceima to ensure the success of the 2024 crossing operation and the comfort of passengers.

These preparations included specialized measures to assist individuals with specific needs and the elderly, providing them with logistical support and human resources both on board and during arrival and transit.


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Issue 91 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2024)


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