Eng. Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser, Minister of Transport and Logistic Services, and Chairman of the Saudi Ports Authority, inaugurated the “Command and Control Center and Capacity Building” at Jeddah Islamic Port, in the presence of the Assistant Minister of Transport and Logistic Services, Mr. Ahmed AlHassan, and several leaders and officials from government agencies at the port.

This initiative aligns with Mawani’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities of the Kingdom’s ports to ensure continuous excellence in their maritime operations, including cargo throughput, operational readiness of assets, and full preparation to face operational challenges, natural and environmental disasters—God forbid—in line with the targets of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS), to solidify the Kingdom’s standing as a global logistics hub bridging the three continents.

The Minister of Transport and Logistic Services emphasized the importance of the Command and Control Center and Capacity Building in enhancing operational efficiency and increasing the resilience of the port sector. This will enhance institutional performance in the long term, develop coordination and cooperation between various government and private entities, facilitate information exchange, make joint decisions, and achieve the strategic objectives of Mawani. He also highlighted the support of the wise leadership—may God preserve them—for the projects and initiatives of the Kingdom’s transport and logistics system, to maximize its service and developmental role, and ensure the security and safety of maritime transport and the port sector.

On his part, Mr. Omar Hariri, President of the Saudi Ports Authority “Mawani,” clarified that the Center contributes to crisis management in collaboration with relevant authorities. This is achieved through the use of advanced programs and systems that assist in data collection and analysis, issuing appropriate directives, and enhancing trust among relevant entities, thereby contributing to building a positive and sustainable relationship.

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During the inauguration ceremony, The Minister of Transport and Logistic Services witnessed a practical application showcasing the excellence of the capabilities and technologies utilized. He observed a scenario of fire suppression, affirming the high readiness of the center’s personnel from various participating entities and their exceptionally rapid response to efficiently and professionally deal with emergency situations.

It is noteworthy that the Command and Control Center and Capacity Building has several competitive advantages, including the integration and coordination of all operations and activities across various sectors and governmental levels to ensure business continuity, coordination of efforts between various entities, as well as training and developing human resources to ensure their high efficiency in dealing with various risks.

Source: Saudi Ports Authority


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Issue 91 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2024)


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