The agreement comprises providing consulting services, foreign marketing services, and promoting repair and maintenance capabilities and capacities of Port Said Shipyard.

At the Authority's headquarters of Irshad building in Ismailia Governorate, Admiral. Ossama Rabiee, the Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, met with Eng. Magdy Abdelfatah Alsharkawy, CEO of M&Y Marine Services Co., to explore avenues of mutual cooperation, on the sideline of signing the agreement contract between SCA and the company to develop the foreign repair system of Port Said shipyard.

The agreement aims at mutual cooperation and expertise exchange in the fields of foreign repair related works of Port Said Shipyard, in addition to contracting on M&Y Marine Services Co. provision of a set of the consulting services, foreign marketing services, promoting the foreign repair capabilities and capacities of Port Said Shipyard through what the shipyard possesses of floating docks, and equipped quays for the repair and maintenance works.

On his part, Adm. Rabiee stressed the SCA's keenness to intensify the capacities and capabilities of the affiliated shipyards within the Authority's ambitious strategy to diversify the sources of income, and develop its affiliated assets, pointing to what Port Said Shipyard has of success promising opportunities in the light of what it possesses of financial, human, and technical elements, in addition to the distinguished geographical location.

He highlighted that the agreement with M&Y Marine Services Co. includes serious steps to attract repair and maintenance operations for ships and marine units on the shipyard's floating docks which capacities vary from 5 thousand tons and reaching 35 thousand tons which is the capacity of the new floating dock "Fakhr Al-Qanah".

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Eng. Magdy Abdelfatah Alsharkawy, CEO of M&Y Marine Services Co. expressed his appreciation for the exerted efforts by the SCA to develop its affiliated shipyards, and his aspiration that the mutual cooperation with the SCA would open new horizons for promoting the capabilities and capacities of the shipyard and for what it witnesses of a leap on all levels.

Eng. Abdelkhalek Awad-Allah, SCA Shipyards' Dept. Director, and Eng. Magdy Abdelfatah Alsharkawy, CEO of M&Y Marine Services Co. signed the agreement.

It is worth mentioning that M&Y Marine Services Co. is a Bahraini company specialized in the field of providing marketing and promotional services in relation to ships' repair and maintenance, and it is planned that M&Y Marine Services Co. to represent the SCA at Posidonia 2024 exhibition for international shipping scheduled to be held in Greece as of 3/6/2024 to 7/6/2024. Posidonia 2024 exhibition resembles one of the biggest assemblies for the big companies in the maritime field in which build and repair shipyards, ports, classification societies, shipping and transportation companies, marine equipment manufacturing and provision companies, and ships brokers; owners; and agents participate.

Source: Suez Canal


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Issue 91 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2024)


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