IPANDI, a prominent figure in maritime insurance in the Middle East and Indian Ocean region, recently achieved a significant milestone by earning a coveted BBB rating from Muhanna & Co., a respected actuarial consulting firm. This rating underscores IPANDI's dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction, solidifying its reputation as a reliable insurance provider.

Established in 1986, Muhanna & Co. brings extensive experience and expertise across various sectors, including social security schemes, insurance, and pension funds. As the oldest actuarial consulting firm in the region, Muhanna & Co. offers invaluable insights and solutions to both public and private organizations. Their team of specialists, backed by decades of experience, contributes to the enhancement of regulatory frameworks and financial strategies.

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The significance of IPANDI's BBB rating lies in its validation of ethical practices and commitment to excellence. It reflects the thorough evaluation process conducted by Muhanna & Co., reinforcing IPANDI's credibility within the maritime industry. This recognition not only elevates IPANDI's standing but also fosters the advancement of safe and compliant maritime practices on a global scale.

As IPANDI continues to foster connections within the maritime community, the BBB rating from Muhanna & Co. serves as a symbol of trust, emphasizing its pivotal role in ensuring secure and efficient international shipping operations. However, this feat of achievement, albeit a milestone, is a step in the right direction, since IPANDI’s main mission is to reach higher rates year by year, both in the rankings and in the world of maritime.


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Issue 91 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2024)


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