SEAFOOD EXPO EURASIA is set to be one of the key sectors to be presented in Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center. The event that will start in less than 2 months, has prepared the list of new fishery companies to join it on May 15-17, 2024.

SEAFOOD EXPO EURASIA’s attendees will have a chance to get familiar with Aydınlar Sea Food, a supplier from Türkiye. Since 1991 this company has been providing private businesses, markets, restaurants & hotels in Türkiye and overseas with fresh and frozen seafood from local sources. Aydınlar Sea Food is responsible for keeping their products free of antibiotic and maintaining sustainable practices.

As for shrimp supplier, there will be Magadanryba, the company that is specialized in catching and processing of wild Northern and Botan shrimp at Far East of Russia. Magadanryba is represented on European, Japanese and Chinese markets and is looking to expand its business.

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When it comes to crab production, visitors will have a chance to meet North-West Fishing Consortium (NWFC) the professional association, which unites companies that operate in fishing, processing, selling of crabs and ground fish spices in the FAO 27 area. With its constant growth of catch volumes NWFC has become a key supplier of crabs and fish products both on local and international markets.

Also, with the wide range of products, Kolhozlenina might be a choice for exhibitor. The company specializes in catching and processing fish and seafood in the area of the Bering and Okhotsk seas. Pollock, cod, herring, flounder, squid and saury makes up their product line which accounts for more than 150 items.

Visitors may also reach out to K-Flot, a fishing and processing enterprise, which unites several fishing companies in the Northern Seas and open areas of the oceans. It produces and sells a wide range of fish products from hot & cold smoked items, salted and spicy fish products, to gourmet trout, seafood (mussels, seaweed) and frozen fish.



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Issue 90 of Robban Assafina

(Mar./April 2024)


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