Maersk Supply Service to partner with Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) for the construction and operation of a windfarm feeder concept specifically designed for Maersk Supply Service’s next-generation Wind Installation Vessel.

Based on innovative technology, Maersk Supply Service looks to enable steady transfer of turbine components at sea to accelerate the rollout of offshore wind. Maersk Supply Service is already invested in the U.S. Offshore wind market, and partnering with ECO to construct a purpose-built windfarm feeder spread is a natural next step.

“Maersk Supply Service’s new installation concept can make offshore wind farm installations significantly faster with estimated efficiency gains of 30%. The partnership with ECO makes this new technology available for the U.S. offshore wind market enabling faster offshore wind installations in the U.S.,” says Christian M. Ingerslev, CEO at Maersk Supply Service.

The purpose-built feeder spread includes two tugs and two barges to be delivered in 2026. They will be owned and operated by ECO and constructed by Bollinger Shipyards – the largest privately-owned shipyard group in the United States.

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As a key component to the installation process, this newbuild feeder spread will transport wind turbine components or foundations to the installation site, while the wind installation vessel (WIV) remains on location to complete successive installations, allow faster installation, and thereby enable the wind park to be on-grid faster.

“This partnership facilitates expansion of our existing footprint in the U.S. offshore wind industry, and our decades of offshore experience, efficiency and focus on technology can play an important role in the further development of the U.S. offshore wind segment,” says Mr. Dino Chouest, Executive Vice President of ECO.

The specialized solution aims to open access to a greater number of U.S. ports logistically. Using U.S.-built, -owned and -flagged tugs and barges to ferry turbine components, Maersk Supply Service’s innovative locking and stabilizing mechanism between the WIV and barge will render installations far less dependent on weather conditions, thereby reducing the number of operating days required to install a wind park.

Source: Maersk


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