The Liberian Registry, the world’s largest shipping registry, has furthered its commitment to the international shipping community by creating an Innovation & Energy Transition Team focused on reaching net-zero GHG emissions. 

“We take great pride in launching our Innovation & Energy Transition Team. This initiative reflects our dedication to service excellence and developing innovative techniques by collaborating with our partners to reach net-zero goals. We hold a firm belief that responsible and sustainable shipping practices are the future, and we’re proud to offer this support to our clients," said Alfonso Castillero, Chief Executive Officer of the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR). 

The Innovation & Energy Transition team’s mission is to promote the integration of new and existing solutions to aid in energy transition efforts. This is made possible by working in close collaboration with shipyards, design companies, classification societies, engine manufacturers, shipowners/managers, and other key stakeholders. Additionally, innovative ship designs, new technologies, and alternative fuels have been realized through our partnership on joint industry projects (JIPs) and joint development projects (JDPs).

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This new department will work to tackle the challenges facing the international shipping world to transform to net-zero GHG emissions in line with the 2023 IMO GHG Emissions Reduction Strategy with the goal to reach net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. This new groundbreaking service will be an asset to Liberian flag shipowners and collaboration partners in the joint pursuit of net-zero GHG emissions for international shipping.


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Issue 89 of Robban Assafina

(Jan./ Feb. 2024)


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