Mark O'Neil, CEO of the Columbia Group

Multimarine Services Ltd and the Columbia Group sign a Memorandum of Agreement to explore wide-ranging cooperation opportunities in the energy and offshore renewables space
The Columbia Group is delighted to announce it has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Multimarine Services with the vision to explore and identify collaborative projects in the maritime and energy sectors.
The MoA will see Multimarine Services and the Columbia Group working together to identify and explore projects, including specialised engineering and technical support services, ship repair and shipyard services, pursuing opportunities and collaboration in the superyacht industry, decarbonisation initiatives, and ship/yacht newbuilding and conversion projects.

Phillipos Ioulianou, Director of Energy and Renewables at the Columbia Group

Collaboration will also focus on energy projects including joint investments in offshore renewable projects, fabrication and construction initiatives, and developing port infrastructure. The partnership will see the Columbia Group and Multimarine Services combine their expertise in the maritime and energy industries and become a leading force in the energy and renewables sectors.


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Multimarine Services is a diverse group of companies and are leaders in providing shipyard, engineering, fabrication, construction, heavy lifting and integrated logistics services in the Mediterranean. It owns and operates extensive shipyard, fabrication and logistics facilities in Limassol Port, Cyprus, an integrated logistics base for the energy industry in Greece and a ship repair facility in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium.
Mark O’Neil, President and CEO of Columbia Group, said: “We are excited to collaborate with Multimarine Services, a company with decades of experience in the maritime and energy space. The synergies between our two businesses are numerous and we look forward to exploring shipping, decarbonisation, energy, and offshore renewables services together. Furthermore, this partnership strengthens and consolidates the Columbia Group’s energy and offshore credentials in the Eastern Mediterranean and internationally.


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Phillipos Ioulianou, Director of Energy and Renewables at the Columbia Group, said: “A partnership with Multimarine Services, an expert in the maritime engineering and offshore space in Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond, complements the services already offered by the Columbia Group. We look forward to constructively working together to build up sustainable solutions to address the challenges our customers face in respect to decarbonisation and beyond.

Pavlos Phokas, Commercial Director of Multimarine Services, said: ‘"We are thrilled with the prospects of an in-depth collaboration with the Columbia Group and pursuing partnership opportunities together. At Multimarine we strongly believe in joining forces with like-minded organisations and we see that cooperation with Columbia will create several added value opportunities. Both companies will combine their extensive expertise from the maritime and energy industries with a strong focus in becoming key players in the renewable and decarbonisation sectors."


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