Positioning itself as a key player in a flourishing market, HEISCO has much to celebrate from its remarkable achievements in 2023. The company’s strategic focus on expanding its presence in the #MiddleEast has proven to be a resounding success, with a notable 100% occupancy ratio since the refurbishment of its Floating Dock. 

The company is eagerly anticipating its expansion into Iraq's market, according to Deputy Chief Executive Officer Salem Marafi, with a notable project in collaboration with the General Company for Ports of Iraq. Additionally, HEISCO is strategically making inroads into the Saudi Arabian market, aligning services with the needs of the industry and establishing a strong presence through local partnerships and expertise.

As a new year begins, what 2023 milestones can HEISCO highlight?
The year 2023 was a very successful year for HEISCO Shipyard. One of our main focuses was to expand our presence in the Middle East. This year, we had a 100% occupancy ratio since the refurbishment of our Floating Dock. Also, we are currently working on a total upgrade of Kuwait Navy Shiplift and all adjustment facilities. 

What can you tell us about the operational capacity of the shipyard?
HEISCO Shipyard has an impressive operational capacity supported by advanced facilities, including a Syncrolift designed for Vessels up to 5,000 dwt, ensuring efficient handling and repair. With 7 repair bays ranging from 90 to 135 meters in length, connected by a transfer system, along with 5 berths of varying lengths equipped with cranes (ranging from 90 to 230 meters), we offer a great space for diverse Vessel types. Moreover, our Floating Dock measuring 190 meters in length and 32 meters in width can accommodate Vessels up to 35,000 dwt. We're committed to quality, safety, and the environment, certified with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, and ISO 14001: 2015 standards.


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How does HEISCO plan to stay at the forefront of the heavy engineering and shipbuilding industry in the coming years?
It’s important to invest in our work quality to stay at the forefront. We employ the latest technologies in our services and are constantly developing our team capabilities. Also, we have been working closely with our Agencies and clients to ensure that we are meeting the market standards. Lately, our Floating Dock was refurbished, many upgrades to our facilities and equipment. We prioritize environmental care in all our maritime operations through advanced technology and proactive measures, ensuring compliance with international standards and minimizing our ecological impact.

What is HEISCO's vision for the future, and are there any upcoming projects or initiatives that the company is particularly excited about?
We are expanding our market insights & always seeking new opportunities. We are excited for our expansion in Iraq’s Market, which we had previous experience in it. Our upcoming project will be with the General Ports of Iraq. Also, our company is strategically expanding into the Saudi Arabian market. With a meticulous market analysis, we aim to establish a strong presence by utilizing local partnerships and expertise, aligning our services with the needs of Saudi Arabia's industry. This expansion aligns with our vision for global growth, aiming to contribute significantly to the maritime landscape & relationships within the Saudi market.


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HEISCO has been recently implementing projects in Saudi Arabia through its branch there. How do you describe the Saudi market and how is that reflecting on HEISCO’s success?
#SaudiArabia's market is booming and full of chances and that’s why we are actively engaging in this competitive landscape & seeking to capitalize on the opportunities available to make HEISCO even more successful. Our new branch in Saudi Arabia and our newly awarded projects show how serious we are about the growth in this market.

Which events is HEISCO preparing for in 2024?
HEISCO is gearing up for its 50th-anniversary celebration event on 23rd April 2024, marking a major milestone for the company. Additionally, we're excited to announce our participation in #SMM 2024 Exhibition in Hamburg, showcasing our expertise and contributions to the maritime industry.

Robban Assafina, Issue 89, Jan./ Feb. 2024, Maritime Host, pg. 79


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Issue 89 of Robban Assafina

(Jan./ Feb. 2024)


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