After their great kickoff in the #UAE market, Aquametro Oil and Marine #AOM is still eying new opportunities and chances to further proof this great opening. Axel Schulz, CEO, Aquametro Oil and Marine AG, tells Robban Assafina he is confident AOM will achieve its goals sooner as expected.

Together with aims of becoming greener by providing intelligent and reliable measurement and performance systems, AOM’s goals for 2024 will be to further expand its presence in the Middle East, with a particular focus on the on-site service offering.

After AOM’s recent expansion in UAE, how do you describe the market feedback, clients, success and development?
We are very satisfied with the market feedback and many client talks. We got the confirmation and confidence about the right path to go by our new entity in ME. The demand for our product portfolio and services is amazing. We ourselves are surprised by this overwhelming kick off. There is much business to be generated - just as we expected.

Saudi market is in the blooming development process regarding its 2030 vision. Are there any plans for Aquametro Oil & Marine in expanding its services in this market? 
For the moment, we are focused on the Arabian Gulf & Middle East market. As a “Newcomer” on the floor we have to stake our claims and promote our brand by first class performance. Today I am confident we will achieve our goals sooner as expected. That can form the basis for a new focus on the Saudi Market. We acknowledge the great opening process for this market which will provide new opportunities and chances for us. 

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of measurement, optimization and monitoring solutions for all kinds of fluids on ships, how does AOM foresee the future of maritime industry, in line with the current challenges facing the industry?
The maritime industry is under increasing pressure to reduce its environmental impact. There will be stricter regulations on emissions and fuel consumption. The IMO and newly the EU by ETS have clearly decided the guideline for the next years until 2030 or 2050. Shipowners will need to invest in energy-efficient vessels, explore alternative fuels, and adopt innovative technologies to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Legislation requirements will continue to evolve, especially those related to environmental protection. Companies will need to stay up to date with and adhere to these regulations. Through our products we can support ship owners/managers in this task by all needs. Further, we see that trade and territorial disputes, can impact shipping routes and the industry's overall stability. Companies may need to reassess their supply chain strategies, which might lead to changes in shipping patterns and the demand for maritime services. 


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AOM’s recent Remote Monitoring System has caught the attention of prominent figures in the maritime industry, particularly in light of the latest project in Indonesia. Could you please share more details about this new service?
We have been present on the Indonesian market for many years by our Singapore branch. There are a lot of bigger and smaller cooperations. Our Remote Monitoring System (RMS) & flowmeters have been outstandingly performing for the last 15 years in the Indonesian market. Many clients have put their trust in Aquametro for many years through long-term partnerships.

The RMS - onboard forms the basis for performance analysis and control by independent data transfer for transparent assessments onshore.

On top of those long-term cooperations we were pleased to refresh the cooperation of our Rostock Marine Office together with the Indonesian Ambassador in Germany to build up new channels to the market based on employees from Indonesia in our Rostock office. It is one matter to understand clients. There is another higher matter to understand cultures.

As we enter the last Quarter of 2023, how do you evaluate AOM performance on 2023, and what are the major plans for 2024?
We can proudly confirm that 2023 was the most successful year for Aquametro. One of our goals for 2024 will be to further expand our presence in the Middle East. The focus will be particularly on the on-site service offering. We already built up in short time a good network of partnerships. We hope to encourage further partners for us and our ideas.

All in all, Aquametro wants to navigate the maritime industry and onshore sectors to become greener by providing intelligent and reliable measurement and performance systems. 


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So the next step for Aquametro Oil & Marine is a future of green technologies?
We are looking forward to a big transition of the maritime sector to a green industry. We will contribute but also claim our portion out of it.

Our vision is to lead the way towards a greener future in maritime and industrial sectors by providing the best products and services. With our committed crew, we set the course for a sustainable blue planet. You can trust on Aquametro. We own the flow!

You have recently exhibited at Adipec 2023, in Abu Dhabi. How was the exhibition and interaction with clients?
ADIPEC was a big success for all participants. We haven’t seen such an acceptance, audience and visitors for many years. The business and the region are booming. This gives an excellent ambience for our client talks. The demand to invest is recognized by all stakeholders.

Robban Assafina, Issue 88, Nov./ Dec. 2023, Maritime Host, pg. 87


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Issue 88 of Robban Assafina

(Nov./ Dec. 2023)


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