In line with Egypt’s ambition to be a global energy trading hub and its target to reduce 10% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the seventh edition of the Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES) is set to introduce the CLIMATECH Challenge, an initiative that is a collective response to climate change, featuring start-ups that are creating value and offering innovative solutions to accelerate net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Taking place on Wednesday 14th February 2024, as part of the EGYPES Future Energy Zone, the CLIMATECH Challenge will serve as a platform for start-ups to showcase their groundbreaking climate technology and business models in front of a panel of influential judging committee members comprising investors, c-level executives, top government officials, thought leaders and an audience of senior energy executives. 

The Challenge will bring together energy industry visionaries, investors, and disruptive start-ups, with the aim of highlighting the emerging climate technology that will enable the transition towards a low-carbon energy system. In addition to start-up pitches, attendees can expect a well-curated lineup of keynote speeches, motivational talks, and interactive panel discussions, all tailored to nurture the rise of climate-tech ventures in a collective response to combat climate change.


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Commenting on the launch of the event, Salman Abou Hamzeh, Senior Vice President of DMG Events, stated, "We stand at a critical juncture in the current energy landscape where innovation and climate-centric technologies hold the key to a decarbonised future, and start-ups have a pivotal role in guiding us through this transformation.” 

He added, “The EGYPES 2024 CLIMATECH Challenge provides the opportunity for start-ups to present their innovative technological solutions before an influential judging committee, propelling their business growth and positioning them as catalysts in the journey towards net-zero." 

The CLIMATECH Challenge is open to start-ups worldwide that are serving the energy transition with clean energy technologies. Five businesses will be chosen from the initial pool of applicants and invited to pitch to a jury of industry leaders.

Start-ups will be evaluated on the innovation of their climate tech, the potential market size and growth prospects, their scalability and revenue generating avenues, the composition of their team, as well as their investment potential.

The judges will determine the first-place winner of the CLIMATECH Challenge, while the audience will decide the second-place winner, known as the ‘people's choice’ award. The winning startup will receive a prize to support the growth of their business. Furthermore, the Challenge offers an unparalleled opportunity to provide the shortlisted start-ups with post-event mentorship, unrivalled networking opportunities, and extensive media coverage.

The EGYPES 2024 CLIMATECH Challenge welcomes disruptive startups to propose their inventions and climate technologies for a greener tomorrow. Submit your application to enter the competition here:


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