With growth and expansion continuously shaping the maritime industry, Al Masaood Power is keen to go through all the necessary developments to meet market needs and stay ahead in the competition. Rasso Bartenschlager, the General Manager of Al Masaood Power talks to Robban Assafina during this year’s Dubai International Boat Show, about the company’s latest sustainable solutions, with solar power being an important part of the company’s upcoming developing plans to meet the green sustainable future.

What are the company’s latest developments, the innovative and fully integrated sustainable technologies?
One of Al Masaood Group’s focuses is the integration of sustainable solutions to the company’s business, based on the principal business from our early beginnings. 

However, the sustainable part is much bigger now and we are trying to exchange/add sustainable solutions. An example of this is the hybrid propulsion system which runs on the propulsion engine (diesel) that is the most efficient engine on the market today. In addition, is the battery system that supports the engine with additional power. It can also run purely on electricity where it is required in ports.

The sustainable  solution isn’t only the propulsion engine itself; it also goes to charging systems on electric boats which we’re currently working on, using solar sustainable charging solution, charged purely under the sun, with no need for fuel and its carbon free. 

Our engines are part of the net-zero plan and are able to use the latest fuel, which reduces the carbon footprint of the engine in operation. 


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Al Masaood has become one of the largest integrated industrial, commercial and service organisations in the Middle East. What can you tell us about this huge success?
The biggest success of Al Masaood as a company of 50 years in the business, is taking our experience through these years and shaping it into a perspective of the future. I believe that there’s no future without history, so we are basically taking this history and making the changes on top of it, this process has certainly helped us stay ahead in the competition.


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How is Al Masaood Power helping the sustainable power solutions portfolio of a net zero-carbon society?
Net-zero is obviously a big step at the moment, there is no immediate action but Al Masaood engines are the first step to go greener. Al Masaood engines are developing to become compatible with green fuels, and able to use e-fuels or carbon neutral fuels to meet the future needs. 

There’s surely not one fit-all solution and the yacht market will remain an exclusive market for the propulsion and hybrid systems. However, when it comes to commercial marine, we need steps in-between to be prepared for the changes and the new ships that will last for the coming 25 years.

How has Al Masaood’s participation at Dubai International Boat Show 2023 been? 
Al Masaood participates in Dubai International Boat Show every year; it’s an important exhibition as we meet our customers and suppliers here. It’s also a significant exhibition for the region, gathering different countries, making it an international event. I think this makes a strong statement for the UAE and its position in the region.

What are the new features of the upcoming period for Al Masaood?
The upcoming period for Al Masaood is shaped by the expansion of solar power solutions. Integrated with battery and hydrogen solutions. These are an important part of the company’s developing infrastructure plan, as we are taking part in the green sustainable future.

Robban Assafina Magazine, Issue 84, March/ April 2023, Maritime Host, Pg. 87


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