Held for the first time under the patronage of the Ministry of Public Works & Transport, Directorate General of Land & Maritime Transport in Lebanon, Robban Assafina Maritime Awards Night is the unprecedented event to be organized exclusively in #Lebanon, by Robban Assafina, the MENA Maritime Media Platform, to honor main international and regional maritime figures of significant roles, accomplishments and valued milestones in the shipping, ships, offshore and ports industry.

On Tuesday June 20, 2023, the most influential innovators and industry-leading individuals around the world and across the MENA region will have the premier opportunity to tell their success stories, highlight their contributions to this ever-changing industry, and leverage on the outstanding visibility, recognition, and value the event provides. 24 awards lie in wait for key players in the industry to recognize their high levels of performance, judged by an expert panel of industry thought-leaders.

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Robban Assafina’s Editor-in-Chief Louay Chaaban states that the first edition of this highly anticipated event will witness the presence of leading local, regional and global maritime figures, representing major companies worldwide.

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The Lebanese Capital Beirut, will host the Awards Night, says Chaaban, with a hopefully great ambiance, to allocate the following 22 maritime awards: Best Logistics Award, Best Project Innovation Award, Best Ship Agency Award, Best Ship Broker Award, CEO of the Year Award, Ship Repair Yard Award, Leading Classification Society of the Year Award, Leading Woman in Shipping Award, Maritime & Training Academy Excellence Award, Maritime Law Firm of the Year Award, Maritime Personality of the Year Award, Maritime Youth Award, Newbuilding Yard of the Year Award, Port of the Year Award, Ship Manager of the Year Award, Shipping Company Award, Tanker Operator Award, Terminal Operator Award, The Green Shipping Award, The Marine Insurer Award, The Maritime Safety Award, and Top Service Provider in Marine & Offshore Award.

Join the maritime industry on this night and get nominated to stand out from your competitors, and have the chance to position yourself among the industry leaders. For more info visit awards.assafinaonline.com 


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Issue 81 of Robban Assafina

(Sept./ Oct. 2022)


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