Helm Operations, a leading maritime software developer and solutions provider, and Moxie Media, a leader in developing maritime training programs to meet safety, health, security, maintenance, and regulatory compliance mandates such as Sub M, #USCG and #IMO, have announced a new integration partnership to support crew training.

Helm CONNECt and Moxie LMS

The new partnership formalizes the integration of Moxie Media's best-in-class shipboard Learning Management System (LMS) and Helm CONNECT, which will provide customers from both organizations with access to the powerful Helm CONNECT platform and Moxie Media’s extensive library of maritime specific eLearning programs.

For over 36 years, Moxie Media has provided training, safety and software resources to the Maritime community to help mariners remain compliant with regulatory and customer specific training requirements.  Recognized as a user-friendly system for onboard and shore side crewmembers, the Moxie LMS meets the challenges of delivering, tracking, and reporting training by tracking mariners' training assignments, due dates and course completions. Moxie Media also provides online, mobile and offline access to key learning materials, allowing #crewmembers to train at their convenience while assuring operators, auditors, and surveyors that crew training is aligned with the latest compliance guidelines and regulatory standards. 

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Helm CONNECT is the world's leading and fastest growing maritime software platform, providing cloud-based access for users to manage key elements of marine operations such as: fleet maintenance, regulatory compliance, personnel management, dispatching and billing. Helm CONNECT's personnel certification tracking module can now be connected to the Moxie LMS, allowing users to prove employee and vessel compliance at any time, whether onboard or onshore. This provides an auditable record of training completed within the LMS, and notifications from Helm will prompt users to access the Moxie LMS to complete training as required. 
Paul Cyr, Manager of Partnerships at Helm, said: “Helm aims to simplify the connections between our customers and the systems they rely on every day, and we see this partnership as another step in Helm CONNECT’s evolution as a platform for customer success. We're excited that our customers will find it easier to track and audit the training and certification of employees while being able to take advantage of Moxie Media’s extensive library of maritime specific eLearning courseware."

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Martin Glenday, President of Moxie Media, said: “Our customers will now have the ability to train, track and report crew training through the Moxie LMS and the training records will now be automatically available in Helm CONNECT. This will provide even greater value to users of both platforms. We also believe this integration will increase the use of both Moxie and Helm platforms, resulting in shipboard working environments that are even safer and more efficient for maritime operators and their crewmembers.”

Helm Operations and Moxie Media will be presenting the integration at the annual Helm Conference, which is taking place from September 21-23 in Victoria, BC, and will be running demonstrations for interested users. Please contact marketing@helmoperations.com for more information or to arrange a meeting.  


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