Fujairah National Shipping, a leader in the maritime industry, proudly announces the addition of a new state-of-the-art vessel to its growing Crew Boat fleet. This latest addition, constructed by Grandweld Shipyards Dubai, reflects the commitment to investing in high-quality, locally-built vessels that enhance the operational capabilities and growth in the maritime industry.

The new vessel, Fast Support intervention vessel (FSIV) FNSA7, boasts cutting-edge technology and superior design, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. With a capacity of 80 offshore personal and deckload of 70 Tons, FNSA7 is designed to meet the increasing demands of the clients and further strengthen the service offerings.

"We are thrilled to welcome FNSA7 to our fleet,” said CEO Khameis Alkhaddeim of Fujairah National Shipping. “This vessel is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our strategy to continuously enhance our fleet with modern, environmentally friendly ships. We are also proud to support our local shipyard, whose skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in this impressive vessel.

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Alkhaddeim also added that this new ship contains advanced technological means and superior features, which enables our team to maintain exceptional service and performance, overcome new challenges and achieve new horizons.

Grandweld Shipyards has a long-standing reputation for building high-quality vessels that meet rigorous industry standards. The collaboration between Fujairah National Shipping and Grandweld Shipyards underscores a mutual commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community development. Fujairah National Shipping LLC’s fleet expansion comes at a time of robust growth and increasing demand for maritime services. The new vessel will enhance the company's operational flexibility and ability to serve a broader range of routes and customers.


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Issue 91 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2024)


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