With a keen eye for innovation and a dedication to superior service, Premier Marine Shipyards continues to redefine industry standards. Mathew Johns, Head of Sales & Business Development at Premier Marine Shipyards provides exclusive insights from Premier Marine, highlighting some recent milestones: the announcement of the ADNOC Logistics & Services 250 Ft. Flat Top Barges New Building Project in May 2024, the expansion of Floating Dock capacity at Abu Dhabi Floating Dock, and the development of the Umm Al Quwain yard into a specialized new build facility for Barges. These initiatives underscore Premier Marine Shipyards' commitment to advancement and specialization. In this interview, Robban Assafina goes through these exciting updates and explores Premier Marine's future strategies for sustained success.

What do you think are the contributing factors that have established Premier Marine Shipyards as one of the most reputable and versatile offshore yard facilities in the region?Nestled at the heart of Dubai Maritime City (DMC), Premier Marine Shipyards has earned its reputation as a leading offshore yard facility due to several key factors.

Firstly, our commitment to quality and excellence has earned the trust of clients across the region. Secondly, the strategic locations our shipyards in the UAE enable easy access to major shipping routes, facilitating efficient logistics and convenient operations.

Additionally, Premier Marine's investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technology, and a skilled workforce ensures the delivery of high-quality services and solutions, meeting the diverse needs of clients in the maritime industry.

Can you highlight the recent significant milestones that have benefited your clients and the maritime industry in the region?

Premier Marine and ADNOC Logistics & Services has announced an important new building project for 250 Ft. Flat Top Barges. The announcement was made during May 2024 during the Steel Cutting Ceremony at the headquarters of Premier Marine Shipyards at Dubai Maritime City. The ceremony was attended by senior personnel from ADNOC Logistics & Services, Class - ABS, and Premier Marine.

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Premier Marine's recent expansions are specifically designed to meet the growing demands of our clients and the region. Through a pivotal joint venture with AD Ports, a cutting-edge floating dock facility accommodating vessels up to 117 meters in length and featuring a 500-meter dedicated jetty was launched in 2023 under the JV (Joint Venture) brand of Safeen Dry Docks.

Could you elaborate on the recent expansion project in Umm Al Quwain?A new slipway facility in Umm Al Quwain expands our ability to service large barges up to 120 meters in length and includes a 200-meter quay wall.

The combined capability of the three shipyards has benefited clients in the region with increased options and reduced turnaround times for repairs and maintenance which is evident from the chock-a-block bookings.

How does Premier Marine Shipyards' distinct focus on innovation and expertise in managing intricate projects distinguish it within the maritime sector?Indeed; We have done intricate and complex projects like Well Stimulation for esteemed clients like Al Mansoori and Schlumberger. Premier Marine’s commitment to innovation directly benefits their clients through enhanced capabilities and advanced solutions.

The Floating Desalination Barges Project (Metito 1,2,3), which set a Guinness World Record, exemplifies their cutting-edge approach. This project not only demonstrates the company’s engineering expertise but also offers scalable solutions to global water challenges, providing clients with pioneering technologies and services that address real-world needs.What are Premier Marine’s future plans to serve the maritime industry and strengthen its position as the leading solutions provider and offshore yard facility in UAE?

Looking ahead, Premier Marine Shipyards is considering various initiatives to further elevate maritime service standards and solidify its position in the market. Although we cannot disclose much now, this may include continued investments in infrastructure and technology to enhance operational efficiency and capacity, expansion of service offerings to meet evolving customer demands, further development of strategic partnerships and alliances to broaden market reach, and a focus on sustainability and innovation to stay ahead of industry trends.

Our plans include: Capacity expansion of our Floating Dock at Abu Dhabi; Increased winch pulling capacity at our Umm Al Quwain yard; and Developing our Umm Al Quwain yard as a specialized production facility for Barges.

Additionally, Premier Marine may explore opportunities for geographic expansion and diversification to capture new markets and strengthen its competitive edge in the maritime industry.

Robban Assafina, Issue 91, May/ June 2024, Maritime Host, pg. 75


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