Ennero stands as a prominent player in the marine fuel, lubricants, and gas oil trade within the UAE. With a focus on expanding market presence, optimizing operations, embracing sustainability, fostering innovation, and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Ennero's goals span financial growth, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. In this interview, Eng. Kinan  Bilal, Technical Sales Manager at Ennero, sheds light on the company’s recent advancements and forthcoming strategies.

Ennero is a leading trader and supplier of petroleum products based in the UAE. How is Ennero developing its position in the maritime industry?

Ennero is developing its position by building strong relationships with key players in the industry such as shipping companies, port authorities, and major marine fuel and lubricants suppliers. Additionally, Ennero is expanding its product line to meet the specific needs of the maritime sector by staying informed about industry trends and regulations.

Through our expertise and extensive global network in supply, trading, operations and risk management, we can support our customers by optimizing their procurement needs and working to develop strategic solutions.

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The passion, energy and reliability of our team drive Ennero’s success and makes us the partner of choice for many leading shipping companies.

How does the company plan to adapt its product offerings to meet the challenges of the shipping industry?

Our company is constantly assessing the ever-changing landscape of the shipping industry to ensure its product offerings remain relevant and effective. Some strategies that may be

employed include incorporating more sustainable practices, implementing new technology to increase efficiency, expanding service options to meet diverse client needs, and ensuring compliance with any new regulations or standards.

As Ennero's influence grows throughout South Africa, what position does it hold within this market? Any plans for expansions in other markets?

Ennero's growing influence in South Africa positions it as a significant player in the market, our team worked hardly in the last three years to extend our supply chain and operations to cover the supplies in all South Africa ports. Storing our products in three warehouses located in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth helped us to minimize the lead time required to ensure  smooth and effective supplies.

At Ennero, we aspire to provide complete and comprehensive solutions with distinguishable services and quality products for our global clients and partners. We have extended our physical

supply operation to several regions worldwide, we are now having supply operations in UAE, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Egypt, Turkey, Angola, Malta, Togo, Spain, Denmark,

Netherlands, Panama and USA.

What are Ennero’s plans in the next five years?

We aim to achieve several goals over a five-year period. These include expanding several regions presence, increasing efficiency in operations, introducing sustainable practices, investing

in research and development for new products and services, and enhancing customer relationships.

Our goals are related to financial growth, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Ultimately, Ennero's plans for the next five years will align with our long-term vision and strategic objectives.

Could you share ENNERO vision for IMO decarbonization strategy and target as well as challenges for that including your plans to contribute in reducing emissions in the maritime sector To contribute to The International Maritime Organization (IMO) efforts, Ennero invests in low-carbon energy sources products for marine lubricants and fuel bunkers, implements energy- efficient technologies to optimize vessel performance. Additionally, we collaborate with our industry partners, and comply with IMO regulations.

Robban Assafina, Issue 91, May/ June 2024, Maritime Host, pg. 77


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