SeaLead has announced a new direct shipping service along the Red Sea, connecting major ports in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Djibouti. This new service aims to establish uninterrupted trade links and accelerate cargo transit, thereby enhancing supply chain efficiency in the region.   

The service route will cover Jeddah (SAJED), Djibouti (DJJIB), Hodeidah (YEHOD), and return to Jeddah, with departures scheduled every two to three weeks. The introduction of SeaLead’s new Red Sea Service marks a significant step forward in enhancing regional trade connectivity. By directly linking the strategic ports of Jeddah, Djibouti, and Hodeidah, the service not only shortens transit times but also offers a reliable and consistent shipping schedule.  


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This enhancement is particularly beneficial for businesses in the region, enabling them to plan and execute their logistics with greater efficiency and predictability. The service’s bi-weekly frequency ensures a steady flow of goods, catering to the growing demand for timely and dependable transportation in the bustling Red Sea trade corridor. With this new service, SeaLead underscores its commitment to customer contentment and its position as a top choice for businesses seeking streamlined trade routes.  

Source: Sealead


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(Nov./ Dec. 2023)


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