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The GMN maritime technology project, run by International Maritime Organization (IMO) and funded by the European Union, has issued a call for expressions of interest from individuals within specified organizations to become members of the GMN Project’s Global Stakeholder Committee (GSC).

قدّمت قطر، يوم أمس الاثنين، شكوى ضد الإمارات والسعودية والبحرين هاجمتهم فيها واتهمتهم بشن حملة دعائية تهدف لتشويه صورتها وسمعتها، للأمين العام للمنظمة البحرية الدولية، كيتال ليم.

The global shipping industry – as represented by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) – has urged its global regulator, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to back a carefully crafted proposal, from a broad coalition of governments, concerning the implementation dates for installing complicated new ballast water treatment systems.

Following an initiative by the Norwegian Maritime Authority, among others, the UN’s maritime organisation IMO is now putting the issue of autonomous ships on the agenda. This emerged after the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) considered a proposal from Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, UK and the United States, during the 98th session of MSC, held in 7-16 June.

في إطار فاعليات لجنة السلامه البحريه في دورتها 98 المقامه بمقر المنظمه البحريه الدوليه ( IMO ) بلندن إلتقى اللواء بحري / خالد زهران – رئيس مجلس إدارة الهيئه المصريه لسلامة الملاحه البحريه (EAMS) ورئيس الوفد المصري يوم الإثنين الموافق 12/6/2016 الأمين العام للمنظمه البحريه الدوليه (IMO ) السيد / Kitack Lim بمكتبه .

IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) has launched meetings to discuss a wide array of rules targeting enhanced maritime safety, among them rules for safety regarding autonomous ships.

IMO outlines the key achievements of the GloBallast Partnerships Programme, executed by IMO in collaboration with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The deal – signed off in December 2015 by 195 countries – aims to limit global warming to well below 2C above pre industrial levels, a ceiling deemed dangerous by scientists. It’s important to note the White House decision does not directly impact climate talks at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

On the occasion of the Day of the Seafarer this year on June 25th, IMO has launched an online map dedicated to seafarers to celebrate their ‘unique contribution’.

INTERCARGO says there are significant problems with the implementation of the Ballast Water Management regulation that need to be resolved immediately, considering that the Convention will be effective in less than five months.

اكد معالي الدكتور عبدالله بن محمد بلحيف النعيمي وزير تطوير البنية التحتية ورئيس مجلس إدارة الهيئة الاتحادية للمواصلات البرية والبحرية ترشيح دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة لعضوية مجلس المنظمة البحرية الدولية، والذي سيتم انتخاب أعضائه خلال اجتماع الجمعية العمومية العادية الثلاثين، والمقرر أن يعقد خلال الفترة من 24 نوفمبر الى الخامس من ديسمبر القادمين.

IMO announced that conducted a national workshop in Antananarivo, Madagascar, on 25-27 April, focusing on biofouling and, specifically, raising awareness of the issues and developed capacity for the ratification and implementation of the anti-fouling Systems (AFS) Convention and the implementation of the Biofouling Guidelines.

IMO announced that its Legal Committee is expected to consider adopting a resolution to encourage the ratification and implementation of the 2010 HNS Convention, when it meets for its 104th session, on 26-28 April.

The re-emergence of organotin in marine hull coatings is of increasing concern, with academics and environmentalists calling on IMO to investigate the use of tin in silicone-based foul release systems and other ships hull coatings.

Maritime pilots are a strong and essential link in the structure that underpins the safety of international shipping. This was the message delivered by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim to the 70th meeting of the International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA) in Rome, Italy, on April 11.

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